Friday, March 27, 2009

Mod Quilt-Along Back Complete!!!

I DID IT!!!!
I completed the back of the quilt for the Quilt-Along today! I LOVE it. Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson was such a help and good guide through the project! I am quite pleased since this was my first time to attempt anything like this. You can see the other finished pieces at the Flickr site.
My little boy, for whom the quilt is for, was helping me this morning as I finished the back. He found a great new use for my sewing rulers! Roads! He was making roads and driving his little cars over was precious!


Heather said...

wow you sure did put that together quickly! so are you going to do another one??

CC said...

Your quilt is really lovely - i've only just finished cutting the blocks - the blue is great!