Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finished Blocks all Laid Out!

I laid out all of the finished blocks for the top of the Mod Quilt from the Quilt-Along this afternoon! I have gone back and forth on which sashing to use on my quilt top for the baby-man so I put down the fabric for the blue sashing on one half of the blocks and the fabric for the cream sashing on the other half of the blocks and I made a decision.

The BLUE is the winner!

I appreciate how the cream stands out against the blocks, but I think the blue just really makes them pop and brings the work together. I will use the fabric you see in some in that bottom middle square with the darker navy background and yellow stars as the binding.

I will start sewing the sashing to the squares tomorrow. I was hoping to get to it today but I had too much work to catch up on, a meeting at church, dance class for the princess, a mountain of laundry, and a little boy that needed me to play!

As an aside, here is something soooo cute I watched and heard the baby-man say today during play. I had a neighbor friend over for a bit and she brought her son who is my son's age. They both have just recently turned 3. They were zipping around downstairs. As my son zipped by he says to the other little boy "Hey Jeff, I mean Batman, wait!" I stopped my son and asked him if he had said 'Batman' and he said yes so I asked him who he was and he said "I Superman!" It was such a sweet moment. Really the first time I have witnessed him really playing with a friend in a pretend role like that! He is growing so fast and it is such a blessing to be a part of his milestone moments!

My daughter just turned 8 and it happens so fast. It is such an amazing and truly awesome thing to be a parent and to join these little beings on their journeys to discovery. I cherish every single moment of it and am truly grateful to be their mother.

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Heather said...

the quilt looks awesome! great job! and so fast too!