Monday, October 8, 2007


Okay folks...I am taking up a new if raising the two little ones, working my transcription business from home, serving on the board at the preschool, AND remodeling our kitchen at the moment was not enough...I am trying to teach myself to knit!

Sarah, over at In the Midst of It, inspired me! She taught herself to knit this past year and has made some adorable hats for her little one. I can do this! I have mastered casting on and the knit I am going to tackle purling and then the cast off or binding off...
If anyone out there reading this knits, I welcome ANY advice! I am starting small and trying to work myself a scarf, then my little princess will get a scarf (see that lovely pink, green, and white yarn pictured above!), and then I want to make my little prince some cutsie little hats from the book, Itty-Bitty Hats, by Susan B. Anderson. The book is absolutely darling. If nothing else it is just fun to browse these sweet little creations. However, I do hope to master the art and make some of these myself!

One question for you knitters out there: The picture at the very top shows my practice swatch of what I hope to one day be a scarf for first knitting project. I am doing a basic knit stitch for this so far, but the edges are going from small (at my cast on stitches) to wider as I this a common problem and if so, what am I doing wrong???
Thanks for any advice.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Autumn Dancin'

Last weekend, in order to more officially welcome in Autumn and October, we pulled out the yard art for Fall. I was placing a little girl scarecrow and a little boy scarecrow I had found at the nursery in the flower bed along with a few pumpkins. The little girl scarecrow is just a bit bigger than the little boy so it is a perfect "big sister/little brother" look to match our family right now.

My little girl was helping me place them. I tied the two scarecrow's hands together so they would be holding hands and the little girl scarecrow kept turning in the wind some. I told my daughter, "Well, I can't keep her from spinning," to which she replied, "Oh no mommy, it is okay, see, she is dancing!"

My little girl is always looking on the bright side. She really seems to have a great outlook on life, even at such a young age. I pray she will retain that and that her father and I can nurture that in her. She is such a joy and a happy little girl. What a blessing she is to us.

Menu Plan Monday

Another Monday is upon us! The 1st of certainly does not feel like autumn in Texas...still quite warm and humid, but it will change, it most certainly always does. Last night we put out the little girl and little boy scarecrows in the flower beds - holding hands - along with a few pumpkins and mums. The Princess and little Prince squealed with delight at the sight of these!

We are still under construction in the kitchen. We have completed the powder room and the floors. The counters are due to go in this week and then the back splash and then the painting and DONE! It has been a lot to coordinate, but it will be worth it in the end. This week, I am without all appliances save the refrigerator and microwave and a little toaster oven! I am relying on the grill, crock pot, and left-overs for our meals.

Monday: Grilled salmon and veggies (squash, asparagus, onions, and peppers)...(chicken nuggets for the kiddos)

Tuesday: Pineapple Chicken in the slow cooker (I am borrowing this right from Laura at Organizing Junkie! Thanks!!!)

Wednesday: Crock Pot Roast and potatoes, along with green beans

Thursday: Soup and sandwiches

Friday: Bar-b-que sandwiches made with the left-over roast with baked beans.

I should have some before and after pictures up soon. Have a great week and head on over to Laura's for more great recipe ideas!!!