Friday, March 13, 2009

Block A Pieced and Sewn...

I got all of my "Block A's" pieced and sewn. When I went to square up the blocks, there is really nothing to square up. In fact, I measured and I am a tad under the 8.5" across that the patterns says there should be. I measured my seam allowance and it is 1/4" and my pieces are the 4.5" each so what is the deal? If I pull it apart more it reaches closer to the 8.5" so am I just not ironing flat enough? I just did not want to distort the fabric. Elizabeth says that there is minuscule pieces if any you should be trimming up so hopefully I am okay!

I had my first experience with breaking a needle on my sewing machine this evening! Luckily my hubby was here to talk me off the ledge and help me get the broken needle out and a new one in and my machine working again! (I had the wrong stitch chosen for the presser foot I was using...just hit the wrong stinkin' button!) However, (and this was BEFORE the needle breaking fiasco) my sewing machine will not feed my fabric backwards to reinforce my stitching! The last time I used the machine it worked fine but today it won't feed it towards me for reinforcement but will totally feed it properly when sewing so I am not sure what it going on with that.

On a lighter note! My sweet hubby drove me and the little Prince over to a quilt shop in a neighboring town that a neighbor of mine frequents and I found the yummiest fabric! AND all the fabrics are $4.99 per yard that is 50% of what I usually find them for! Check out the Chloe's Imagination by Tina Givens for Free Spirit that I found! Wow. I bought her very last yard. I LOVE this fabric. Now I need to find some pretty yellow daisy fabric to pair it with and some brown and yellows and off we go on another project, perhaps for the Princess!
Go check out the Chloe's Imagination pictures at the FreeSpirit Quilting Fabric site as my pictures don't do it justice with this rainy day and low lighting.

Now off to snuggle the kiddies as it is officially SPRING BREAK for us and the Princess has a whole week out of school! YAY!

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Domestically Sassy! said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! I'm a quilt lover! Not a quilt maker so much...I'm to impatient!

Look forward to your next posts.