Thursday, March 19, 2009

Block D Pieced and Sewn...

I finished up Block D for the Quilt-Along this morning. Elizabeth had a great tip on her blog site about using freezer paper to help square up your blocks in case you are off a bit. I used it with these blocks as I did get a few a bit off. It worked great!


Today is my Princess's EIGHTH birthday!!! I cannot believe she is 8! She is sitting here behind me while I type...She awoke this morning and came downstairs where I had the breakfast nook table all decorated and had her cake and presents out for her. She was so excited and could hardly wait to tear into the gifts. Daddy was just leaving for work so she (being the sweet little diplomat) asked to open one gift before daddy left so he could see and then save the other two for when her little brother woke up so he could enjoy too! Gotta love her negotiation skills ;-)

Will post pics of the Birthday Girl later, but now I want to go spend some time with her!!!!


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