Monday, March 30, 2009

Day out With Thomas...

Yesterday we took the kids to see Thomas the Train! He was in town for a short time pulling train cars at the Vintage Railroad near us. For those of you that don't know, meeting Thomas is like way up there on the list for 3-year-old little boys...not so much for 8-year-old sisters but she had a great time as well!My son could not believe he was standing in front of THOMAS THE TRAIN!

Here we are as a family riding in one of the train cars. All the while on the ride songs from the Thomas series were playing and the kids were singing along!

Here they got to meet Sir Topam Hat. They are looking at the person there you pay to take your picture and not at me, but still a cute pic. The Little Prince had said all morning that he was going to shake Topam Hat's hand! He just beamed when he met him.

They had lots of Thomas and Friends models for the kids to play with.

Then there were some very elaborate models to look at but not touch.

It was a crisp sunny morning and a great time! There were bounce house, carnival food, music and stories for the kids and a great way to spend a weekend morning. The Prince has yet to stop talking about meeting Thomas!

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Jennifer said...

So fun! We did this with our kids a few years ago, and it was such a fun day. Same son talked about it for DAYS!! :)