Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daisy Afghan WIP Update...

I have one last daisy square to make and then I will have all my squares completed for the Princess's afghan! You can read about it here and here. I taught myself to crochet back in the Fall and have been working on squares as time allows since then. I am excited to see the finished product and have my daughter snuggle up under it! Her room is a soft pink and sage green garden type theme. She has a Victorian Crazy Quilt as her bedding that is made up of different gingham, floral, and daisy fabrics. I think the afghan I am making her will fit in quite nicely.

Here are some of my squares stacked up: Here is the point I was at last week with just a few more squares to go! I laid it out to see what it was going to look like:
After I finish my one last daisy square, I will whip them all together by rows and then whip all the rows together into the afghan. I am going to put a few borders around the finished afghan to pull it together and then a final border of a crocheted ruffle to girlie it up even more!

Oh, and just to share a bit of excitement we had. School was out on Monday so the kids and I had great plans to organize the play room (it is in bad shape). We ran out for some bins to do some sorting and when we got back home the smoke alarms were going off! After deciding that there was no fire and after calling my neighbors to make sure they did not see any smoke rising from the house from a vantage that perhaps I could not appreciate, I was at a loss as of what to do. My DH was so helpful. I called him at work and he says, "Hmm, well, open a few windows and turn on the fans in those rooms and call me back in five minutes if they have not stopped." (note...we had a new AC/Furnace put in over the summer and he was thinking perhaps some of the new oils were burning off and setting the alarm off....HOWEVER, we had been running the heater for months and this had not happened!)

The sound of the alarms were grating on my every nerve and the kids were a bit ancy by now as well. One of our neighbors was nice enough to come over and help me get them down. They are all wired into the house as well as have a battery backup. He discovered that the one in our bedroom was faulty so was making the others go off. My husband called during all of this to tell me he was on the way home to help. I told him our neighbor had helped me get them to stop so DH ran by the local hardware store to buy all new smoke detectors since ours were the ones the builder installed when the house was built 12 years ago. Whew- problem solved! It did however wreck my plans of organizing the playroom, because after running around for 45 minutes trying to make smoke alarms stop going off the only thing I wanted to do was sit down and have some chocolate! Of course I got no complaints from the kiddos over this either ;-)

Camille is right when she blogged that these are the greatest chocolate chip cookies! I borrowed the recipe from her site. I made a batch and the kids, hubby, and I pigged out on these...oh, and we did take half the batch to our dear neighbor for making the smoke alarms stop!

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Heather said...

your blanket is gorgeous! i can't wait to see the finished product.