Friday, January 16, 2009

Where I Have Been...

I have been MIA due to snuggling up with my family and enjoying quiet moments as much as possible through the hustle, bustle, and traveling that comes with the month of December!

The kids enjoyed a visit with Santa...The Princess got her wish and Santa brought her a HOT PINK digital camera so she can practice her photography. She was beyond thrilled. The Prince got his wish of a train table and train set - they both marveled at how Santa must have hurt his back bringing that down the chimney! The magic of the season touched us all!

On Christmas Eve we went to the family service at church then came home to our tradition of a lasagna supper. However, on Christmas day we enjoyed a traditional turkey and dressing dinner (this was my first year to make dressing on my own and I must say, I was pleased with the results!)

I am happy to report that I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and have already sewn a few pillowcases for the kiddos and have been collecting fabric for beginning some quilt projects! I will post some pictures of my projects I plan to start and my Daisy afghan for the Princess that is almost completed this weekend.

The Hubby got a guitar for Christmas and has been learning to play. The past 3 weeks he has really done well and has impressed me with his progress! He can even play me "Love Me Tender" which honestly melts my heart. There have been days I have been sitting down in the office working and I hear that sweet serenade emanating from the upstairs playroom as he is practicing while the kids play - no sweeter sound, honestly - the sound of my family!

I have enjoyed keeping up with the blogs I read throughout the past month, but decided to take a break from posting in order to spend as much time as possible with the family. I am back now and plan to update on my projects and what we did this past month over the next few days. I even found a few new blogs over the past month that are simply wonderful:

Kelly's Blog: She is having her baby TODAY...go wish her the best and keep her in your prayers!
Angela's Blog: She is a Moda lovin' mama...need I say more?!?
Bloom: A wonderful site full of beautiful stitch work, quilting, and gardening.

Go give this ladies a visit...they have some beautiful posts!

I'll be back tomorrow to share some pictures of my projects...

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Cami said...

Love the christmas card pictures.