Monday, December 1, 2008

Too much turkey!

It is the day after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and I am exhausted!!!

We spent the holiday traveling to my mom's then to see my husband's family so it was a lot of time on the road. A great time was had by all. We ate way too much and now really need to get back to the workout routine!

I have some great pictures from our travels. We stayed at my mom's one night and day and then at the in-laws River Place (basically a ranch in the middle of nowhere) for the next two days. We saw plenty of game, spent time by the campfire, and just enjoyed the company of family.

I spent today catching up on work for my business, getting laundry done and Christmas shopping. Tomorrow I need to clean house and get the rest of our Christmas decorations out. We put one tree up on Sunday night when we returned home as the kids were just dying to have a tree up. After that, we went to dinner and then drove around looking at Christmas lights.

I'll have more to say later and some pics to post, but for now...I am tired and need to rest!


Angela Yosten said...

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American Mom In London said...

Wow! That sounds like an exhausting whirlwind, but so much fun. Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving and I can't wait to see the pics!