Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost Again!

"When are we?"

Last night was a much anticipated night of TV greatness! Lost is back after its many month hiatus! I must say as much as I hate waiting between seasons, I do like how they play all the episodes back to back this way without is easier to keep up!

We were buzzing with excitement around here and we even had a Lost themed dinner last night! I found some cute Dharma Labels online to have our food looking like it had just been dropped on the island.
I thought the two-hour premiere was greatness! I loved that they jumped right in and answered some questions and solidified the idea that time travel is part of the plot. I read a commentary this morning that I enjoyed. There are some interesting points in there.

Here is another interesting commentary for you. I do have to make a disclaimer that I have not read all of the comments on these commentaries so am not sure if there is any profanity or dim- wittiness in them so read comments on them at your own risk. I do know the commentaries themselves are clean.

Something that struck me as odd and probably important was when Sawyer injured his toe. He has run around the island barefoot for weeks now but the writers decided to center in on him injuring his little pinky toe and pulling an item out of it...I think that the oddity of it has to be significant!

I hope all you other Losties enjoyed! It looks to be an eventful fifth season and I can't wait!

*Lost Poster Image courtesy of Wikipedia

*Video courtesy of CharmedCharlie21 on YouTube


Cami said...

Oh my gosh, wasn't it fantastic!? I just love LOST, it is quite possibly the best show E.V.E.R. I'm so addicted to it. I can't stand to watch it with all the commercials so I either watch it on line or (worst case scinero) wait until it comes out on DVD. When it does come on DVD we usually watch the whole season in three days. Love the idea for the Dharma food labels.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Poppin over from RocksinmyDryer....

OK, how funny are those Dharma labels!?.....I totally have to do that next week (but I promise to give you complete and full credit!!!!)

Too funny

Just wanted to say hey to a fellow Lostaholic.....
.......until next week!


oh amanda said...

Where did you get those cool Dharma food wraps?! I totally wanted to have a Lost party but only my SIL showed up. Oh well...maybe for the finale.