Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another WIP...

I now have over 20 daisy squares completed for my daughter's blanket. I was stumped as to what pattern to create and use besides the daisy squares. I think I have decided on a granny square of six rounds - the first two rounds pink, the third round green, and the last three rounds pink. Then when I join all the squares I will make a border using green alone, then multi yarn with green and pink and finally the outside of pink alone using a scalloped edging. It think it is going to be so sweet! Her room is pink and green with daisies and a garden theme.
However, while trying to sort out the color design of the squares other than the daisy squares, I started another crochet project! If you are keeping count, I now have 3 projects in progress...I am trying my juggling skills ;-)

I thought I would 'practice' on the snowflake hexagon that I will need to know how to make for the snowflake afghan. Well turns out these are FUN! Plus, with all the Christmas commercials already on the TV, it put me in the mood to give these a go. I found my groove on them and have a few completed.

I am hoping to complete my daughter's blanket by Christmas and then dive into the snowflakes so that at some point this winter I can complete that blanket! Two down, and just 57 to go!

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