Friday, November 7, 2008

Show and Tell Friday...

Today, for Show and Tell Friday, I am sharing pictures of my hand painted fall goblets and two of my precious fall plates.

The plates are from the Johnson Brother's Friendly Village collection. The top plate is a vignette of an apple orchard. The plate on the bottom is of a pumpkin patch.

Here is a closer view of the apple plate.

And a closer view of the pumpkin plate. I won these plates off Ebay just this year and just adore the rustic, cozy, 'heartland' feel they lend to my fall decor.

Now onto the hand painted fall goblets. I have had these for many years now. There are four of them painted with two different designs of fall gourds, pumpkins, leaves, and acorns.

I adore the detail of the painted acorns even on the bottoms of the glassware. That way they look beautiful when out for use or when hanging on the glass rack!

I hope you enjoyed sharing some of my treasured fall dinnerware and glasses that adorn my kitchen all during the autumn season! Now, go on over to Kelli's and share in some of the other wonderful 'Show and Tell' posts!


ceekay said...

Your plates and glasses are absolutely lovely. I think we have the same granite counter top! Have a wonderful weekend!

mishebe said...

Love the plates and glasses and the little pilgram people. mishelle

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Mrs. Miles said...

What a PRETTY display you've made, bringing a bit of fall inside your home.

Love the hand painted glasses, have you ever done any yourself?

I have a set of hand painted glasses too - there is a VERY funny story behind them, which perhaps I'll share one day.

thanks for inviting us into your home.

I'm glad I came to visit.

Mrs. Miles

Manuela said...

LOVE those plates! I have some Johnson Brothers but now I want that pumpkin one! Very pretty glasses too!


Linda C said...

I love,love,love those plates! So pretty! And your display is very creative. Thanks for showing us:)
Linda C

Mam said...

Thanks for sharing. These are so nice.

Lady Katherine said...

Plates are great, glasses,Just all lovely display!

Susie Homemaker said...

The Friendly Village is one of my favorite patterns...I think I was bidding on them! So pretty!


Pink Slippers said...

The plates and glasses are really pretty but I just adore the pilgrims.

Kelli said...

The plates are beautiful and I love the hand painted glasses, too. So pretty!