Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Newest Obsession...

Where have I been you might ask? There are many answers to that question, but the one that is most fun is that I taught myself to crochet! I am working on granny squares to piece together into my first afghan. I also took a knitting class that was most helpful in my knitting that I started...LAST Autumn! But for now, the grannies are my obsession. I am going to use the ones I am currently working on for an afghan for my family room and it is good practice so as soon as I finish this I have great plans for this snowflake afghan with a red background instead of blue. I want to make an afghan for my daughter sort of like this one, and then an afghan for my son sort of like this one!

Oh and THEN, I found these cute patterns: 'Santa's Cookies and Milk' and this Nativity are high on my list that I hope to complete before Christmas. I also adore these: Pumpkin Pie, a cute reindeer, oh, and this little mouse to go with one of my daughter's favorite books....you can see how my OCD is taking over with the potential for cuteness that I might create.

Here are the Granny Squares in progress and then the 12 I have completed as of today:
I'll update my progress but for now, back to my Grannies!

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