Sunday, September 16, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole and green salad

Tuesday: Low Carb Beef Enchilada Bake Casserole

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Autumn Pot Roast, green beans, and rolls

Thursday: Santa Fe Chicken Casserole

Friday: Sandwiches or left-overs

We are remodeling our kitchen...and it will be dysfunctional for a while starting sometime next week! Soooo, that is why you see all the casserole dishes above. A casserole in a 13 x 9 dish will feed my family for two meals, so I am making a full casserole and we will eat half for our meal and then freeze the other half so as to have some meals to "nuke" when our kitchen is not functional over the course of the next few weeks! I already have some meals frozen like this from the previous week. I am figuring if we rotate left over casseroles, grilling our meals, sandwiches, and some take-out then we should be covered for about two weeks or so while we wait for our "dream kitchen!"

Have a great Monday and head on over to Organizing Junkie for other great meal plans!


Nicole said...

Hmmm.. your menu sounds great! I've bookmarked the poppy seed chicken. Sounds yum! Have a great week!

annie said...

Happy Monday!
Your menu looks delicious!
¸.·´¸.·*¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·’ * Annie *

tonsofsons said...

I love casseroles! Poppy Seed Chicken is one of my favs! Thanks for visiting

Also, thanks for the recipe links~

According to HIS Power said...

The poppy seed chicken casserole sounds great and I LOVE enchiladas and can really use the low-carb right now!!! (My husband made cheesecake yesterday!) Thanks for the links. I love your blog, I will be back!



Mommy Chef said...

This menu sounds very good.Have a great week.

Paula-Beth said...

RYC: THanks so much for your specific way of praying for me over the next several weeks. I've found that I am SO anxious so much of the time. I got so worked up the other day and just could not calm down. God is reminding me that I need to just stop, take a breath, and look directly to Him when that happens.

Could you also be praying for me as I'm finishing up work before RK is born? It's not that I've been miserable at my job, but I just really wish I coudl have some time at home before she's born to really have some time to rest and keep the house clean. I'm so exhausted by the time that I come home that I never get much accomplished.

...I've become a HUGE fan of casseroles! I have a recipe I'll have to dig out and share with you that's super easy but REALLY yummy--you use canned chopped chicken, frozen mixed veggies, sour cream, cream of chk soup, ritz crackers and margarine. I'll try to post it soon...

Paula-Beth said...

Hey Val!
Yea it was really exciting to see the bedding all put together--the room just really looks complete now. When Michael came home it was so neat to see the expression on his face when he saw it all set up. it's just really seeming so real that there's going to be a baby in our house!! I can't wait for her to get here!