Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bed-Time Deep Thoughts...

Last night, this is the conversation I had with my little princess right before bed. To preface, our little Prince has had the sniffles and we had just discussed whether he might be coming down sick or if it was just allergies...

Princess: Mommy, can you catch being well like you catch getting sick?

Me: (They are so precious) No honey, unfortunately we cannot catch being well, as being well is the normal, or what you hope is the normal for your body. Being sick means we were exposed to microscopic, teenie-weenie things that invade our body and make us feel bad.

Princess: Oh, that is too would be nice to catch being well.

Me: (Wow, don't kids just blow you away sometimes) Yes honey, it would be grand for so many ill people if we could just be around them and they could "catch" wellness.

What a great thought that left me to mull over as I drifted to sleep last night...No, we cannot "catch well" as in catch bodily wellness, but positive affect can be passed on to others. I am often drawn to the thought of how our behavior can influence others and especially our children we are raising. If we are not modeling what we are teaching or what our words are saying, then truly, we are teaching something all together different. It is the same thing as "actions speak louder than words."

I adore that commercial out right now about how one person sees another person help someone out. The person doing the helping helped because they were there and in the position to and the person watching just catches a glimpse of it and then it shows that person helping out another later on, and so on...paying it forward...I LOVE that commercial. It just reinforces that truly we never may know who or how many we make a positive impact on by our actions, so it is important to always strive to be the best "me" I can be. Yes, I will have a bad day, we all do, but perhaps that is the day I might "catch well" from another soul out there modeling their positive behavior.

I LOVE that my little girl already has these sparks of reason floating around in her consciousness!

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