Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It's more day to go until the weekend! Today is a good day to be thankful...
I am thankful for...
-Sugar-free, fat-free, vanilla iced latte on a warm day
-Air conditioning
-A peaceful shower while baby-man napped
-MOST of the things to be done/picked up/bought/packed before our trip to Florida checked off the list!
-Play dates for the Princess, a nap for the baby-man, and a good book and lounge chair in the sun for me! (That was yesterday, but I am still thankful for it today;-)
-NO RAIN here in my part of Texas for the past week!
-Leftover roast to be made into Bar-b-Que sandwiches tonight for dinner!
-Snuggling with the Princess for an afternoon read and smelling her freshly shampooed hair
-A book I have been waiting for finally on hold for me at the library
-The opportunity for our first "family of four" vacation upcoming
-The sound of the baby-man playing in his crib and "talking" to his stuffed buddies after just waking from his nap
-My children and husband, safe and healthy
-Most of all for Him, our God, holding us in the palm of His hand...

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