Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sunsets and Moonglow

My brain was just jogged, kicked into gear, and thoughts have been running rampant, all inspired by a blog entry I read just a bit ago written by Adrienne. I have followed this site for many months. I visited and prayed through their heartache over a sick baby. I visited and prayed through the time the family made the decision to release their child from the pain of this life and back into the arms of our Savior. I have continued to visit and pray through the months following as they work through life without their baby boy with them physically, but still ever present spiritually and as they continuing living their life with their daughter. The dear mother wrote a piece today and it referred to explaining to her 5-year-old daughter what a shot glass was. She did not expect to have to explain this, but the question came up, so she did!

Bravo for her! Teachable moments...yes, I too believe wholeheartedly in those, for if we continually gloss over the moments that are God-led, when children are really listening, we may not be there to answer their questions when they are knee-deep in a situation, and they may get the wrong information from a peer.

Teachable moments aren't always in the form of direct question and answer sessions, but instead, many times, they come in sharing of the quiet moments. In my opinion, these are by far the best way we learn, and most times are God-led. I have always shared openly my love, or awe is a better description, of nature with my children. I feel so centered and balanced when I breathe deeply the evening air, or witness the majesty of the sunset, the summer bugs at night, the glow of the moon as my daughter and I swing late on summer evenings, the wind through the leaves, the smell of rain, etc.. Since my daughter was a baby and now with my little baby-man, I am sure to point out when a thought, a sight, a sound, etc. evokes a deep feeling in me. I want those kiddos to appreciate and take notice of what matters in life - the small things, the miracles in the every day that we so often gloss over as we go about our daily "chores."

A few nights ago, I had one of those moments. I saw the most beautiful crescent moon hanging high above the night sky with the air deep and rich with a day fading away - the summer night smells of grass and summer bugs beginning their night serenade. I noticed the moon while leaving the gym and when I arrived home, my little girl (who was up later than she should have been!) said, "Oh mommy, did you see the moon?!?" She was lying on the couch in the family room looking out the window seeing that same moon I had taken notice of!

I see how meaningful it is to share with our children - share with them our visions - share with them all the little and big, obvious and not so obvious "teachable moments." I have done that with them from the beginning - shared all the wonders of God in our human world, and now at the ripe old age of 6 years old, my daughter is sharing with me and is noticing them on her own!

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