Thursday, June 5, 2008

Again...Where Does the Time Go???

Wow, has it been FOUR months since I updated this site? I guess so. We have been busy, busy, especially the last few weeks. We have been wrapping up school and dance. The baby-man is busy, busy developing his vocabulary and saying the cutest and most surprising things at times! Last night we were eating Chinese take-out and he had noodles covering his high chair tray. Out of the blue he says, "Big Mess!" He is funny because he will just all of a sudden have a new phrase to say! I know in his little mind he has been listening to all of us talk and his little brain is stringing together words that make sense and then all of a sudden a situation comes up and WHAM-that is where he is supposed to use those words together! It is amazing, amazing to watch your child learn to use language. What other time in life are we learning and putting together as much as those first few years. We have to learn a basis of knowledge for an entire lifetime! I LOVE witnessing this again!

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Michele Matucheski said...

Got your comment on Sweet Leaf Notebook about where to get panels for a 100 yo White Treadle Sewing machine ... I don't have an answer for you. Someone gave me this treadle in excellent condition. All the restoration work had been done already. Try the following groups :

ISMACs - International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society
They offer a listserv where you can describe what you've got, and the knowledgeable members will offer their best guess as to what it is.

Needlebar - Another group of people interested in researching the history of old-timey sewing machines. The offer many pictures to help you identify what you might have.

TreadleOn - Is a wonderfully informative website and society that actually promotes the use of antique treadle sewing machines, as opposed to just collecting them for decoration