Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where Does the Time Go???

Wow, it has been a while since I posted. My baby-man is now officially a "tod." He turned two at the beginning of February. We celebrated his second birthday with a football party since he loves anything football! He had a great time with his family, little cousins, and a few friends from Gymboree.

He is learning to talk and says some pretty cute things:
All dogs are “woof-woof’s”
Any body of water is a “baf” (bath)
He calls Hannah Montana “bofe” (meaning “both” since her theme song is The Best of Both Worlds)…can you tell he has an older sister?
He loves to say “No-No”…I wonder why ;-)
He now tells me when he goes to the “baf-oom” (bathroom) so I figure we will start potty learning soon. We still need to master getting our pants up and down easily by ourselves before we can be independent in this endeavor though.
He loves to dance and lets me know that he wants to listen to my iPod so we can sing and dance! And it melts a mommy’s heart to have her little boy want to dance with her!

He can really throw a football and well! He is very sweet and well behaved but is a normal two-year-old boy and tries to give mommy a heart attack at times…especially with his stunt of moving the ottoman out from the couch and then LEAPING from the ottoman to the couch! I am now in the midst of planning my daughter's SEVENTH birthday!

What a wonderful ride we are one...I can see time passing like a blur - akin to my childhood rides on the park Merry-Go-Round (remember those old metal rusty things!) I remember lying on my back as a parent, grandparent, or older friend would push faster, faster, FASTER!!! I could look up and the sky was the constant, never wavering - just the blue sky - while looking out showed the blur of the landscape whirling by. I pray that as we journey onward on our merry-go-round as a family that my children will know those important constants; the constant of love of God, love of mommy and daddy. I pray my children will always know that no matter where the "ride" takes them, they have unconditional, never wavering love and support of family.

I am thankful for these days. I am soaking them up...

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Paula-Beth said...

I love his word for Hannah Montanna--too cute!! I've recently become a big fan! i'm just very impressed with that young lady both as a singer, actor, and as a great example to other girls.

SUCH a cute cake!!

RYC: I ended up haulting the veggies for now. WIth her current sleep schedule the way it is, the cereal and veggie feeding times were all too close together and she acted like I was over-feeding her. So, for now at least, we're back to just cereal. I have a feeling that will change pretty soon though.