Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mod Quilt-Along Binding Almost Complete...

Well I have almost completed my first quilt! I have about half way to go on hand sewing the binding around to the back of the quilt. I probably would have been finished by now but I had oral surgery this week and it put me down for a few days. I am feeling better now and once I have caught up on necessary work around the house and for my business I will finish up this binding!
Top of the quilt with partial binding:
Back of the quilt with partial binding:
I have to say that I was most pleased that my corners turned out nice and mitered! Elizabeth had a great tutorial on the binding and I praise her greatly for helping me in having my first quilt turn out so nicely!
I can't wait to finish the quilt and wash it up so it gets a crinkly, comfy look and Drew and I can curl up with it and watch cartoons!

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